Friday, September 13, 2013


Another year.  I officially marked this milestone on Wednesday, which means I share my day with a somewhat sorrowful remembrance.  Don't worry, I don't entertain any feelings of guilt by having a good time on the one day a year I get to call mine, but I'm gracious enough to appreciate those who lost something that day, even if I'm not in favor of every political action following it.

No, I won't be writing 29 goals this year, though you can check out my progress on last years 28 (somewhat of a mixed review, as somethings were totally forgotten about).  That being said, I feel good about what I've done in the last year and in a generally good place in life.  

My twenties are almost over so I'm not sure how I feel about that.  I've noticed that the frequency of questions like "Do you have kids?" has increased, but meanwhile I still get carded fairly often.  So... appearances wise, it depends on the day or even hour.

Running is now a staple in my life as opposed to the new thing I'm trying, I'm not sure at which point I realized it switched, but could of been within the last year.   Though, as I look to next year, it's the first time since I've started that I'm actually looking to scale things back.  Chicago may or may not be my last marathon for a while.  I love the race, but the training is brutal, a fact I manage to forget every time I sign up for another one.  Also on the running front, I've found that I love pacing.  It's a fun way to participate in the race, without having to beat yourself up too much.  I've also gotten a bunch of 'free stuff' in the process.

Well I'm struggling with anything profound to say about my age, but I think you should know I had a lovely date for the occasion, which included a delicious looking steak dinner a $10 glass of wine (I rarely spring for that- luckily it wasn't me springing :).


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  1. Happy Birthday!

    My 30's were great, and I hope yours will be too (starting next year, of course...)



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