Monday, October 7, 2013

Summer Racing Recap

I participated in three major races this summer.  They were all a 'pretty big deal' and in an ideal world would deserve their own recap, but let's be real - that ain't happening.

Annadale Tri

This is the longest triathlon I've completed and I think it's going to stay that way for a while.  It was great to challenge myself, but the reality check is that I'm just not that committed to tri training and I was paying for that 'lack of commitment' during the very hilly bike ride.

That being said, when all is said and done, I'm really nothing but proud of this and a few years ago, none of this would have even crossed my mind, so I guess there's always that.  Also, the parents and the boyfriend came out to cheer me on and none of them seemed to care that I wasn't as quick on the bike or swim.  I think we can call that support.  :)  One more thing, I ran 10 min miles for the run and I'm going to say I'm pretty darn proud that I could pull that off for 5.3 miles after a half mile swim and a 21 mile bike!

That bruise is actually from before the race... but I think it makes me look pretty hard core anyway. 

Cheerleaders (ie Mom and Dad)

YWCA Womens Tri

Love this Tri! Beat my time last year by over 5 mins (1:40:45), despite 'slacking' on the swim (I was slower by a whole 2 seconds from last year).  I really enjoy this tri, the distances are manageable, the course is mostly flat and it's an un-intimidating crowd.  I think I'll keep coming back to it.

Me and my favorite Race Photographer


It doesn't look like I'm moving, but I am.

The expression on my face says "I just want this over."

Womens ROCK half

Totally a fun half! This is a was desired repeat race from last year.  My not so public goal was to finish in 2:08, but I knew that was aggressive.  However, I was actually on pace until about mile 10, which is when my knee pain really started to kick in.  I kept pushing though and still did well and got a PR at 2:11:33, or a 10:03 pace.  Also, my 10K split here was 60:13, which would also have been a PR - how cool is that!


  1. This was a fun read, on some of your key summer racing. That was sweet of you, to include your M & D cheerleaders in pics as well. We do enjoy cheering you on, and your right, the fact that you did it and finished, is a lot more than many people can say. I think the sprint tri's sound like a better place to hang though.

  2. I am in awe of your powers!! Well done!



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