Thursday, January 23, 2014

Three Things Thursday (1/23/14)

Well, it's been a while, but here I am!

1) I finished the Chicago marathon in one piece, but it wasn't exactly pretty.  My boyfriend surprised me by scoring a deal on airplane joining me for the weekend.  I also had a great time in Chicago meeting bloggers, catching up with old friends, and seeing the city as I ran through.  While, I wasn't thrilled with my finish time (5:11), I do now get to say I've finished 3 marathons... so that's kind of exciting.  I also learned that Chicago will now be a lottery race, so this may have been my last chance to race.

2) I added two new states to my list.  Pennsylvania and New York!  I basically went on a rag tag on the road adventure to the east of the USA, meeting many of my boyfriend's relatives along the way, and a few of my relatives as well.  What a way to spend the holidays!

3) I'm getting serious about running again after a significant lull post marathon.  I have some races penciled in on the calendar, but no marathons (serious!)... sort of considering a half marathon for the fall.  A few 10 milers, 10Ks and a 5K... also, I hope to do the YWCA triathlon again.  I may also pace a half or two, but nothing is official yet.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Three Things Thursday (8/10/13)

Missed last weeks 'Three Things Thursday'.. oh well.  But I'm back this week!

1.  I attended a wedding a Saturday ago that will be going down in the history books of one of the best I've yet to attend.  I know a wedding doesn't exactly mean anything about the success of that couple or the validity of the union... but this one sure felt like a reflection of the couple.  The ceremony was incredibly funny, yet sincere.  The vows were honest and loving.  The music was fun and personable.  Also, this was a second wedding for one of those getting married, and while I've been to second wedding before... It think they really strike at my heart. 

I guess when I go to first wedding I see the couple involved as in love, but maybe a trite bit silly, or even foolish... I don't say this or even think it per say, but it's there in my subconscious.  Certainly, as my friends get older, I find that I we've all got a little age on our hands and I feel this less and less.  

When I got divorced, I chose to level with the fact that marriage may not be in the cards for me.  I think, in some ways I didn't want that again, but as we saw that beautiful bride walk down the aisle the realness of second chances just broke down for me.  I guess I felt hope.

On a perhaps related note, my boyfriend, who will go by the pseudonym Mack Roberts on this blog, caught the Garter (I missed the bouquet) so read whatever you might into that.  ;)
Blowing the Bride kisses!

2. Marathon is this Sunday (October 13th)

Track Me! HERE  ( )  My 'ungoogle-able' real name is: Er!n M@nthey

I'm kind of nervous, but I know I'm basically ready.  The thing I'm most worried about is my knees giving out, and having to a walk a lot more than I would like.  Though I realized that no matter how good or bad the Chicago Marathon goes, my decision to run has been a good one. 

Running with Mack, he's agreed to do a 5K with me!

3. My cats scratched me this morning leaving quite the mark.  Not surprisingly, at least one student in every class felt the need to comment on that... I'm pretty sure my students think I'm kind of a dork anyway, so I guess it can't be helped.  

Monday, October 7, 2013

Summer Racing Recap

I participated in three major races this summer.  They were all a 'pretty big deal' and in an ideal world would deserve their own recap, but let's be real - that ain't happening.

Annadale Tri

This is the longest triathlon I've completed and I think it's going to stay that way for a while.  It was great to challenge myself, but the reality check is that I'm just not that committed to tri training and I was paying for that 'lack of commitment' during the very hilly bike ride.

That being said, when all is said and done, I'm really nothing but proud of this and a few years ago, none of this would have even crossed my mind, so I guess there's always that.  Also, the parents and the boyfriend came out to cheer me on and none of them seemed to care that I wasn't as quick on the bike or swim.  I think we can call that support.  :)  One more thing, I ran 10 min miles for the run and I'm going to say I'm pretty darn proud that I could pull that off for 5.3 miles after a half mile swim and a 21 mile bike!

That bruise is actually from before the race... but I think it makes me look pretty hard core anyway. 

Cheerleaders (ie Mom and Dad)

YWCA Womens Tri

Love this Tri! Beat my time last year by over 5 mins (1:40:45), despite 'slacking' on the swim (I was slower by a whole 2 seconds from last year).  I really enjoy this tri, the distances are manageable, the course is mostly flat and it's an un-intimidating crowd.  I think I'll keep coming back to it.

Me and my favorite Race Photographer


It doesn't look like I'm moving, but I am.

The expression on my face says "I just want this over."

Womens ROCK half

Totally a fun half! This is a was desired repeat race from last year.  My not so public goal was to finish in 2:08, but I knew that was aggressive.  However, I was actually on pace until about mile 10, which is when my knee pain really started to kick in.  I kept pushing though and still did well and got a PR at 2:11:33, or a 10:03 pace.  Also, my 10K split here was 60:13, which would also have been a PR - how cool is that!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Three Things Thursday (9/26/13)

Did you think I wouldn't make it?  did you?  :)

1. A popular wisdom among the saving money blogs is switching to a cheaper or pay-as-you-go cell-phone plan.  So as a iPhone user with a relatively expensive phone plan... I have questioned the value of this choice.  However, I keep coming back to the fact that it's probably worth it's weight in gold to me.  I don't know how many times I've looked something up at the last minute, on the go, or when I least expected it resulting in saving me money and time.  Directions alone could account for major portion of this.  My phone allows me to use groupons with ease, take advantage of other deals, pay bills, find free wifi hotspots and much much more.  Sure... it's a chunk of change each, but for this ADD gal it's been a lifesaver.   

2. Against all odds, I ran 20 miles this Saturday... ok, so maybe that's an exaggeration, but really - I can't believe I did it, and that it went as 'fast' as it did.  11:43 is now my best average for any of the 18+ mile runs I've done.... weird to think that I actually have a few of those now. 

3.  I've been doing what most people would call light strength training, however I think it's quite a lot.  I've even hired a personal trainer, which was definitely a stretch for my budget, but so far I think it's been worth it.  Well I'm not exactly looking like a body builder yet, or benching some sort of extreme weight... I've begun to notice some pretty decent improvements in my ability to lift things... backpacks, boxes, household items and so on.  It use to be hard for me to lift just about anything and now I can do so in many cases with ease.   It's a hard improvement to measure really, but it's nice none the less.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Three Things Thursday (9/19/13)

So I miss blogging... but I don't have time to write long saga type posts, so here's my attempt at making blogging work for me again.  I guarentee nothing though!

1. So many personal finance blogs are geared towards those who make more money than I do.  Often suggesting things that aren't really realistic for us in the middle income bracket.  For instance, this post, while helpful still, suggests things like cancelling 'XM radio' ok, well what if you don't have that in the first place?  Here's a more helpful post that identifies stragies that could work for lower wage earners, though I will say even this does not adequately address people earning minimum wage or not much more who can barely pay rent in the first place.  (yes, so maybe we should raise that already). 

2.  I've self-diagnosed myself with Runner's Knee and it's brought my training to near screaching halt.  It's super annoying and is saping my already waning motivation.  The primary reccomended treatments are to rest and ice... and rest and ice I have.   I've run my '20 miler' already' so I don't know how much I can coast to the finish line, but I guess I'll be trying to coast... I do know I'll be in a corral in Chicago on Oct 13th regardless, and I do I hope I also pass under a Finish line that day too. 

3. Today marks what would have been my 5th wedding anniversary.  Doesn't really settle with me in one way or another... but it's weird to have a day that was meant to hold so much meaning now hold so very little.  It also kind of makes me feel kind of old, while still wishing those were actually longer ago. 

This post needs a picture, so here's my cat (one of them) and my man!

Friday, September 13, 2013


Another year.  I officially marked this milestone on Wednesday, which means I share my day with a somewhat sorrowful remembrance.  Don't worry, I don't entertain any feelings of guilt by having a good time on the one day a year I get to call mine, but I'm gracious enough to appreciate those who lost something that day, even if I'm not in favor of every political action following it.

No, I won't be writing 29 goals this year, though you can check out my progress on last years 28 (somewhat of a mixed review, as somethings were totally forgotten about).  That being said, I feel good about what I've done in the last year and in a generally good place in life.  

My twenties are almost over so I'm not sure how I feel about that.  I've noticed that the frequency of questions like "Do you have kids?" has increased, but meanwhile I still get carded fairly often.  So... appearances wise, it depends on the day or even hour.

Running is now a staple in my life as opposed to the new thing I'm trying, I'm not sure at which point I realized it switched, but could of been within the last year.   Though, as I look to next year, it's the first time since I've started that I'm actually looking to scale things back.  Chicago may or may not be my last marathon for a while.  I love the race, but the training is brutal, a fact I manage to forget every time I sign up for another one.  Also on the running front, I've found that I love pacing.  It's a fun way to participate in the race, without having to beat yourself up too much.  I've also gotten a bunch of 'free stuff' in the process.

Well I'm struggling with anything profound to say about my age, but I think you should know I had a lovely date for the occasion, which included a delicious looking steak dinner a $10 glass of wine (I rarely spring for that- luckily it wasn't me springing :).


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

An introduction

So I'll acknowledge that it's been a while since I've graced this blog with my presence.  Do I miss it or am I missed?  I don't know.  I owe you a race recap of the Triathlon I completed  on Sunday, but I want to include some pictures, so there's the hold up.  In the mean time, I have an introduction for you.

Life gets full.

filled with things that are wanted, and some not so wanted.

and somehow the things you love slip.

... and you find it's been 7 years since you've been camping.

but one day you dust off your camping pots, buy a tent and somehow cram a camping trip into an already full weekend.


maybe it's because life is always about figuring out new priorities

maybe it's because it finally just worked out

... or maybe it's because you met someone who is just as crazy as you.


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